Sustainable Building for Mackey Advisors

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sustainable building for Mackey Advisers

Credit: From Mackey Advisors’ web site. (c) 2012 – 2017 Mackey Advisers.

It was the intent of Mackey Advisors, to not only restore the building to its original historic façade, but create a sustainable building with emphasis on natural light, fresh air, and green space. Mackey Advisors wanted to create a space where the employees enjoyed coming to work.

601 Fairfield Avenue is a 100 year old building located in Bellevue, Kentucky. Renovations were completed in July, 2012 to create a new headquarters for Mackey Advisors, a financial services firm. When Mackey Advisors purchased the building in 2011 it was blighted, rapidly deteriorating, and less than 50% occupied. In the 1970’s a cinder block addition was added to the building, and the original façade was destroyed to create a multi-unit residential space.

During the renovations a few constraints arose. One constraint was the addition was too close to the property line to add more windows. A compromise was made to add two glass block clerestory windows to improve light quality.  A 300 square foot cottage in disrepair was demolished to create a community garden. Severe foundation and structural issues were discovered and addressed.

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